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About us

The Msphosphate Company (MSP)


The Msphosphate Company (MSP) – a joint venture between private investors  (80%) and the Mauritanian Government (20%) – is planning to develop the Bofal and Loubboïra phosphate rock deposits.

The deposits are located in the Brakna department of southern Mauritania, north of the Senegal river and 25km northeast of Bababé village.

The Project has gained new momentum after MSP was awarded the exploitation license for the deposits in June 2017.

Geological, technical, logistic and market studies are currently underway which will consider a number of configuration options including the production and export of beneficiated phosphate rock, phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers.


Our mission is focused on the exploration and development of phosphate projects to export phosphate rock, DAP/MAP and phosphoric acid to address world growing demand for phosphorus based fertilisers in the expanding agriculture sector. The Company is committed to its existing project whilst continuing to pursue other opportunities within the fertiliser sector.


The vision is to be recognised as a leading mining company to maximize agricultural yields and efficiency. We are currently focused on phosphate, one of the most important fertilizer nutrients. We aim to become a major contributor to the world nutrient market.


The company partners have been involved in similar projects including the largest mining project in Saudi Arabia for phosphate.

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